Walmart introduces new way to pay

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BROOMFIELD — Walmart is doing it again. They say they are making shopping easy by allowing for scanning items on your iPhone, while strolling the store.

“We think it will help consumers make better choices while shopping,” said Patty Peck, Sales Lead. “They can load coupons at home, eliminating the need for envelopes (what are those things anyway?) full of strips of paper, and while your phone composes a list, checking out will be super-fast.”

The giant retailer is rolling out the Scan & Go service in more than 200 stores in 14 states, including: Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Seattle, and Omaha. Also new for this test, customers can get either a paper or electronic receipt—all e-receipts are stored in the app which makes it easy to review purchases. And, Walmart indicates the new app will help keep shoppers on their budgets by totaling up items scanned even before getting to the checkout lines.

For more info, Walmart has a video to help folks use the system: