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Seeing-eye dog guides way for his blind canine companion

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FONTANA, Calif. — Seeing-eye dogs are commonplace – for human beings. But when a dog has its own seeing-eye dog, it’s hard to believe your eyes.

And, according to KTLA, that’s why patrons of the Hermosa Beach Animal Shelter have been doing plenty of double-takes over the past few weeks.

Isaac and Isabella were both found wandering the streets of San Bernardino County together earlier this month. At the time, that was all animal shelter employees knew about why the two were coming as a package deal.

After two weeks of watching Isabella, a terrier mix, lead the way for Isaac, a blind Husky, those employees found the two dogs appear to have a very rare connection. The two are inseparable, the shelter says, with Isabella walking in front of Isaac, working to guide his nose and making sure he never falls too far behind.

The pair had been scheduled to be put down. But when the STAND Foundation heard about them, that all changed. The Foundation, which rescues neglected pets, is now looking for someone willing to adopt the two as a unit.

“There’s a work relationship and a love relationship between these two and how they know what the other needs or what the other is saying is amazing,” STAND Director Dan Guss said. “It’s like an old couple that’s been married for 60 years and they just know what’s going on with the other person.”