2 coyotes shot, killed after attack on 5-year-old in Boulder

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Coyote in Colorado. Photo courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

BOULDER — Two coyotes were shot and killed in the city of Boulder after a report of a coyote biting a 5-year-old boy.

Boulder and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials shot a female coyote Tuesday night and a male coyote Thursday night. Both animals were on city open space east of Foothills Parkway and near the Boulder Creek Path.

The aggressive incident happened last weekend and was reported Monday according to a statement released Friday.

A father told the city he was with two 5-year-old boys who were playing near the creek when two coyotes surrounded them. As one of the boys ran to his father, one of the coyotes chased him and bit his leg.

“The bite resulted in a scratch, but fortunately, didn’t puncture the skin,” the statement says.

The city just completed a four-week hazing program for coyotes designed to reduce their activity and reports of them approaching or chasing people. One other bite had been reported.

“When a coyote attacks and bites a human, the situation has to be addressed,” said Larry Rogstad, area wildlife manager for Boulder Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“From the patterns of behavior over the last month and a half and the recent bite, we felt these coyotes presented a risk to humans and, therefore, it was necessary to remove them. Thanks to a detailed report from the father, we are confident that we identified the same coyotes and that they were animals already known to resource officers from both organizations.”

Both the city and wildlife officials will keep an eye on coyote activity in Boulder.

Aggressive incidents towards humans should be reported to Boulder at 303-441-3333 or CPW at 303-291-7227.

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