Stolen iPad pictures delivered to rightful owner from device lost on Denver flight

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A photo of the woman from Allen Engstrom's Facebook page.

LITTLE Rock, Ark. — The photos are an almost constant reminder. Someone else is enjoying Allen Engstrom’s iPad.

The Little Rock man said he lost the iPad while on a flight from Phoenix to Denver. Someone has been using the iPad including taking self-portraits.

The photos are automatically being synced to Engstrom’s iPhone through his iCloud account.

“Every time I get a picture of her it’s like a continuing fountain of entertainment,” he told KLRT-TV.

Engstrom said he plans to take a photo of himself with a sign saying “I want my iPad back.” He said hopefully the woman gets the message.

He said he didn’t turn the location services on the iPad, which would help him find where it is. The iPad does however have his name and e-mail address etched on the back.

It’s not clear if the woman in the photos took the iPad from the plane, or if she legally purchased it from someone else — perhaps on CraigsList.

Engstrom has posted photos of the lady on his Facebook page.

“The only way I can get my iPad back is if somebody knows this person and can help me find it,” Engstrom told KATV-TV.

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