Video: Denver middle school student brutally attacked in classroom

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DENVER -- A 14-year-old Denver girl was left to fend for herself when another 14-year-old girl brutally assaulted her in the classroom of a Denver middle school.

The victim, who does not want to be identified says, “I turned around because I didn’t want to fight her and she grabbed my hair.”

It happened last Friday at Denver’s Henry World School.

Several students taped the assault on their cell phones.

Click here to watch the raw video clip. WARNING: It is violent.

You can see the victim did not even have time to set her backpack down when she walked into the classroom.  The other student, who we are not identifying because she is a juvenile, jumped her, knocked her to the floor and punched her repeatedly, hitting her in the face and body.

The victim’s mother says the school did not call her, she heard about if from another parent and drove to the school.

She says, “My daughter is the one who was severely hurt, was sitting alone in a nurse’s office and I still wasn’t called.

The victim says about a month ago, the other girl started bullying her, stalking her in the school halls, pushing and shoving her and trying to make her fight. She says she told the girl she did not want to fight.  And she says she repeatedly told teachers she did not feel safe.

She says, “They should have had somebody watch her to make sure she didn’t do anything because I asked them for help a lot of times.”

Her mother says, “They treated this situation like every other one they see and it was not the same.”

Friday afternoon the bullying crossed the line into premeditated assault.

The school says several dozen students created a disturbance in the hall to lure the teacher out of the victim’s classroom.

That’s when the attacker rushed in, along with dozens of other students who clearly knew the attack was about to happen.

The vicitm’s mother says, “To me that’s the most disturbing part.”  She says the other girl planned it to happen and made sure that it did happen.

The attacker’s friends are still threatening the victim through texts and Facebook postings.

One threatens to knock her teeth out and another says they will beat her up again when she comes back to school.  29 people “liked” that post.

The victim says, “They shouldn’t bully because it makes people feel bad about themselves.”

She says she has had suicidal thoughts. “I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore.”  Her mother says, “That kills me more than anything because no child should have to feel like that.  Not mine, not anybody’s.”

The school has apologized to the victim and her family, acknowledging they should have called the mother after the attack.  And school officials say they are re-examining their policies and procedures.

They also sent a letter home to parents, saying they are working hard to make sure nothing like this happens again at the school. The letter says this type of behavior will not be tolerated, and reminds students there are several programs in place to help deal with bullying.

The attacker is on a three-day suspension and could be expelled.

Police are also investigating the incident.

The victim and her family are not sure they want her to return to the school, but school officials say they are helping prepare a safety plan to make sure the student feels comfortable and safe if she does return.

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