String of hit-and-run crashes prompt police to put us all on alert

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DENVER -- Crash after crash in Denver are leaving a trail of injuries and death on the streets of Denver.

Hit-and-run crashes in parking lots, on main streets and just about everywhere have been on the rise over the past couple of years.

"People need to pay attention when they are walking, cycling, or behind the wheel," said Lt. Matt Murray with Denver Police. "We all are responsible for making sure we know the consequences of our actions."

Police say head phones and cell phones are keeping people from concentrating when walking, and bicyclists often violate rules of the road when riding, while motorists --who are more distracted than ever these days--need to focus on driving instead of texting and dialing.

If we all do our part, safer times on the street will be on tap for all of us.

The final thought from police, 'If you are in an accident of any kind you should report it and if any bodily injuries are involved, never leave the scene, that will only open up felony charges when law enforcement catches up with you.

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