Lakewood waitress handed own stolen I.D. while serving drinks

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Waitress handed own stolen I.D.

Waitress handed own stolen I.D.

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A waitress in Lakewood didn’t have any trouble at all identifying trouble while serving a customer.

She says she was handed her own stolen I.D.

Brianna Priddy’s wallet was taken last month.

During a shift at Applebee’s, Brianna was taking drink orders when the customer handed over a fake I.D. which just happened to be Brianna’s driver’s license.

The server pretended nothing was wrong, but went to the back and immediately called police.

“I kept ’em around, got ’em some water. Had ’em order appetizers,” she says. “I don’t know how I kept it cool. I wanted to jump across the table and go at her!”

The suspect had apparently used the I.D. to write bad checks.

Police say she was also selling drugs, which puts her in even more trouble.

The woman faces identity theft charges.


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