Denver Broncos’ Von Miller inspired to guarantee Super Bowl win

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Linebacker Von Miller celebrates

Linebacker Von Miller celebrates

DENVER — Broncos star linebacker Von Miller is making big plans and a big promise for next season. He said Tuesday the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl next year.

Miller was the second overall draft pick two years ago and he has quickly become a premier pass rusher. He earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors in each of his first two seasons and now he says he will add a Super Bowl ring to his credentials.

Just read his post on Twitter:

Miller referenced his cousin Jeremiah with a hashtag who was recently hurt in a serious car crash and inspired Von’s performance guarantee.

“My cousin had just recently got in a car accident and he just got out of a coma, and, you know, all the things they were trying to teach him and all the things they were trying to get him to remember… One thing that he did remember was that he had a cousin named Von Miller that played for the Denver Broncos. It just put a lot in perspective for me,” Miller says.