Scientists: Colorado in worst drought since 1950s

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Recent snowfall in Colorado helps the state's drought conditions, but scientists say it's just not enough to turn it around.

In fact, scientists say Colorado is in the midst of the worst drought this region has seen since the 1950s. We're in the third year of dry conditions.

Concern is now shifting from agriculture and recreation to actual water shortages as river and reservoir levels shrink.

"Unless we pay attention to conservation and make our priorities right by water allocation, things can get pretty bad this summer," says Kishore Kulkarni, economics professor at Metro State.

Wildfires are a major concern if we don't get some decent rain during the spring.

March is traditionally the snowiest month in Denver and generally a wet month statewide. But last year we experienced extremely dry and warm weather in March.

The forecast for the first week this March is dry and relatively warm in metro Denver.

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