Firearms stolen from Wheat Ridge gun shop featured on reality show

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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. – Police and federal agents are investigating a burglary at a Wheat Ridge gun shop that was featured on a reality TV show.

At approximately 4:12 a.m. Wednesday, officers were notified of a silent alarm that went off at the Gunsmoke Gun Shop located at 9690 West 44th Ave.

Gunsmoke was featured on Discovery Channel's reality TV show "American Guns" two years ago. The show was canceled this season--but the drama continued this week.

"Seems a little stupid to rob a gun store, but criminals are inherently stupid," said Gunsmoke owner Rich Wyatt.

The thieves burglarized the gun store, but they didn't get in through the front door.

"The shop had been entered through a hole in the roof and the exit point through a window," said Joe Cassa, spokesman with Wheat Ridge police.

The thieves made a small hole in the roof themselves, explained Wyatt.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said 12 handguns and three rifles were taken.

It's a crime of national significance.

"When you have legal firearms that are then diverted to the black market through a gun store burglary, they are now crime guns. Our concern is to get them off the street," Cassa said.

A witness who was directly across the street from the gun shop reported seeing a silver, two-door vehicle leaving the scene.

Police said they do not have suspect descriptions at this time.The gun shop does not have security cameras.

Police believe there may have been more than one suspect involved in the burglary.

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