Adults urged to stay up to date on their vaccines

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DENVER -- We hear a lot about the importance of childhood immunizations, but health officials say adult vaccines are just as important, and many of us don’t even know which ones we are supposed to have.

Dr.Jill Pechacek at Aspen Family Care in Highlands Ranch, says she talks to her adult patients about seven vaccines:
1)      Hepatitis A
2)      Hepatitis B
3)      DTaP
4)      Flu
5)      HPV (for women)
6)      Shingles ( for people 50 and older)
7)      Pneumovax (for people 50 and older)

She says pertussis, or whooping cough, has made its way back in our community and we need to protect ourselves against it.

“The state of Colorado has actually been one of the top three states in the country to have a resurgence of whooping cough the last 3 to 5 years."

So what is recommended is that all adults get a TDaP vaccine. That’s your tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis,” she said. “That will cover people as a pertussis booster.”

Some people choose not to vaccinate, but Dr. Pechacek believes immunizations are an important way to take care of our families.

“I think in order to eradicate disease it’s really important that people are vaccinated. We’ve been able to wipe out a lot of disease with our vaccine series,” she said.

She hopes all patients will talk to their doctors to find out if they are up to date.

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