Missing dogs found for sale on Craigslist returned to owners

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AURORA, Colo. -- A happy ending for an Aurora family whose two lost dogs ended up for sale on Craigslist last week.

The boxers are back home Monday after someone bought the dogs and realized their owners were looking for them.

“They’ll just run around. That’s all they do,” says Katie Hendrickson, the owner of TJ and Domino.

They were lost dogs, found, and whose energy apparently never went missing.

“It’s like our family is back. They’re like our kids,” says Chad Wilson, Hendrickson’s fiancé.

Twice in one week, their dogs escaped from their big backyard. And both times, they ended up for sale on Craigslist.

“Cops got involved. We caught them. That’s the end of this first story,” say Hendrickson.

But getting the dogs back a second time was uncertain—until Saturday night.

“We both got text messages saying, ‘I think we found your dogs. Can you please contact us?’” says Hendrickson.

“He saw the ad on Craigslist as well and he got them (the dogs) for his wife for a present,” says Wilson.

“His friend contacted him, ‘I think the dogs you bought were on the news. You might want to check that out. So, he went on your (FOX 31 KDVR.com) website and looked at it,” says Hendrickson.

The man who did not return our call for a comment told the couple he met the seller at the Valero gas station at Quincy and Chambers and shelled out $500 for both dogs.

“There are some good people in this world because he could have kept the dogs and said, ‘I paid $500 for them and they’re mine now,’” says Wilson.

Animal attorney Jennifer Edwards of The Animal Law Center in Wheat Ridge says animal theft is not uncommon.

“This is hard economic times for a lot people. And perhaps, this is seen as an avenue of revenue for people with purebred animals that could be worth some money,” says Edwards.

For Hendrickson and Wilson, they’re just so dog-gone happy their hounds are home. They’re never taking a chance on losing them again.

“They’re inside while we are gone. I much rather come up to torn up couch than my dogs be gone,” says Wilson.

“They are locked up now. (I'd) rather come home to them being here than them not," says Hendrickson.

The couple gave the man who returned their dogs a $400 reward. So, he was only out $100.

Aurora Police are still investigating the phone number associated with the Craigslist ad. But we were unable to get an update on the case Monday.

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