Dylan Redwine’s family takes search to national TV

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The accusations will fly between the parents of missing Colorado teen Dylan Redwine when they appear on the “Dr. Phil” show.

Just a small snippet from the show, which airs this week, seems to prove that.

"I've had suspicions that Elaine could be involved in this,” Mark Redwine says, mentioning Dylan's mother. "I didn't lose Dylan."

“Then why is he gone?” Elaine booms.

“That's a question we all have to ask,” Mark says. "But..."

“No!” Elaine interjects. “You don't have to ask that question! You had him! Where is he?”

Dylan disappeared from his father's home in Vallecito over Thanksgiving weekend, and now his parents are bitterly divided about his disappearance.

Investigators say Dylan’s parents are not suspects in the case, but the couple is saying they’re hoping this national T.V. appearance will help draw attention and new leads for the case.