Grass fields in Denver being closed due to drought

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DENVER -- There is some bad news this morning for soccer and lacrosse fans. Denver's dry winter has shut down the grass fields across the city.

This affects thousands of kids and adults who play in local leagues.

The closure is temporary -- until April 1 -- but it will still have a huge impact on soccer and lacrosse teams as close to 100 parks will be closed. And considering the news comes only 15 days before the start of the spring season, some teams are finding it difficult to adjust their schedules.

One soccer club, the Skyline Soccer Association, says it's busy finding a new locations for more than 3,000 players in its youth program to practice.

City officials say the fields are just too worn out from the lack of rain, so the grass needs time to come back. Even though the city got a decent bit of snowfall Thursday, officials say if anyone played on the fields now, the grass could get worn down for good.

Soccer fields at Denver public schools are still open at this point in time. But considering the district has nearly 400 acres of playgrounds and sports fields that need 400 million gallons of water a year, some schools are considering a temporarily closure of their fields, as well.

Golf courses aren't being closed because they aren't as worn down, officials say.

Fields for baseball and softball will open March 18, and aren't expected to be affected by these closures, either.

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