Washington Park residents say houses are being marked for burglary

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DENVER -- Neighbors in Washington Park wonder about the role playing cards may have in recent burglaries in their neighborhood.

"Several victims have found them in the front yard after they have been hit," said Sherry Ross.

Victims believe the burglars are using the cards to identify the homes they want to target.

She says crime has spiked dramatically in the Washington Park neighborhood in recent months.

Police say they've seen twice as many burglaries so far this year in the area.

"They are targeting homes of people who aren't home," said Ross. "I'm terrified."

Ross says the crimes are escalating. She says the criminals started in December stealing things from cars and they have now moved on to stealing cars and using those cars as getaway vehicles in burglaries.

One woman's car was stolen Tuesday.

Police say they have increased patrols in the area and they are asking neighbors to keep an eye out.

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