Investigators find large amount of evidence in Aurora bomb-maker’s home

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AURORA, Colo. -- For a second day, investigators continued to remove bags of evidence from Michael Grover’s home.

Boards now sit where windows were blown out during Monday night’s blaze.

Bomb squad investigators spent most of Wednesday going over every square foot, including two sheds. Police gathered what authorities describe as a vast amount of evidence.

“We haven't found any sort of motivation, no writings or anything like that,” said Cassidee Carlson with the Aurora Police Department.

But investigators did find enough for a judge to raise Grover's bond to what is now $1 million, an amount usually reserved for suspects considered a high risk to the community.

“There's no doubt that a person in that state of mind has got to be dangerous,” said neighbor Robin Austin.

The evidence found in the house is still not being released to the public, but FOX 31 has learned the items include at least 8 homemade bombs, and large amounts of bomb making materials including trip wires, liquid explosive chemicals, gunpowder containers, potassium nitrate, gas cylinders and other items still being analyzed.

“Who knows how many lives may have been saved,” Austin said.

FOX 31 obtained the arrest affidavit which shows Grover had also amassed what is described as an arsenal of weapons including rifles and shotguns, along with handguns and large amount of ammunition.

Grover’s public defender is asking for a gag order to block the release of evidence in the case.