Police: Aurora man had ‘very powerful’ bombs in home

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AURORA, Colo. --  An Aurora man is in custody after emergency crews find at least six pipe bombs, and other explosive materials in his home and shed.

55-year-old Michael Grover was arrested on felony charges of possessing explosive devices.

Crews spent most of the day Tuesday searching his home in the 1400 block of South Bahama Street in Aurora.

Four surrounding homes had been evacuated as a safety precaution, but residents were allowed back into their houses on Tuesday night. "We've had crews in there all afternoon making sure that it is safe," said Sgt Cassidee Carlson.

Emergency crews responded to the home Monday night because of a fire, but they found much more including pipe bombs, fire works, chemicals and other explosives.

Officers say it was enough to blow up his house and those around it. It was a  dangerous situation. "Every time we entered we were finding another explosive," Sgt Carlson said.

Investigators from the bomb squad, hazardous materials crews and ATF spent the day removing items from the home.

A mobile lab from Buckley Air Force Base was brought in to help identify the substances found.

Neighbors say it's a pretty scary situation. "I'm starting to get really concerned. I thought this would be over and done by the time I got home, but I don't know if I'm going to stay the night," said Ginger Black.

Officers say there is no clear motive, but several neighbors say Grover seemed obsessed with survival and believed the world was going to end on December 21st 2012.

"He seriously believed that it was going to happen and that he was stocking up on guns and ammo and flak jackets," said Don Daniels. " I had no idea about the explosives.  That's a little unnerving."

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