Larkspur residents say someone is poisoning pets in their neighborhood

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LARKSPUR, Colo. -- "It's horrid. It is just heart-wrenching," said Maria McCulloch, who says her dog, Lola, was poisoned last week.

"She was trying to jump on the bed and she would just fall over. She was running into walls. She couldn't control her body at all," McCulloch said.

The McCulloch family says that two of their dogs have been poisoned, and other neighbors who chose not to go on camera tell us at least six dogs in all have been poisoned in the Valley Park neighborhood of Larkspur.

Neighbors blame a family living nearby, that allegedly douses chickens in anti-freeze, then tosses them throughout the area -- even into neighbors' yards.

A spokesman for the animal law enforcement department of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed that investigators had looked into allegations of dog poisoning in the area before, but had not pressed any charges because of a lack of evidence.

Investigators are now waiting for the results of a necropsy on Lola to find her exact cause of death. The results are expected back within seven to ten days.