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There are many reasons to keep your mid-section strong, health experts say

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DENVER -- Winter coats and sweaters can hide a multitude of sins, but when the weather warms up, you can't hide the flab.

Health experts say there's more than one reason to keep your mid-section strong. Losing your core strength can cause problems like muscle spasms and prolonged back pain.

Fitness expert Gerald Burley says, “The core is the foundation of our house. It's a group of muscles all working together and provides us with stability and helps us with every motion we do.”

Many people assume they are working to strengthen their core when they do exercises that target the abdominals, but Burley says they are missing key areas that include the back and adds, “If you only isolate one muscle, you are hurting yourself because you are not going to be very stable.”

That’s why strengthening your core is especially important if you plan on becoming pregnant.

Doctors say you can also keep your core muscles strong and prevent injury by doing simple things like just sitting up straight at your desk, which also keeps you from straining your neck to look at your computer screen.

For more information you can visit the Mayo Clinic’s website at  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/core-strength/SM00047.