Colorado couple accused of stealing trust fund from adoptive daughter

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Gary Moore, left, and Anna Moore (Photo: Longmont Police Department)

Gary Moore, left, and Anna Moore (Photo: Longmont Police Department)

LONGMONT, Colo. — Though they decided they had no interest in serving as adoptive parents, a Frederick couple decided they still wanted to get their hands on the trust fund set up for a California girl who they were no longer caring for.

According to the Longmont Times-Call, that alleged greed led to the arrest of Gary and Anna Moore, 50 and 51, in early February.

The newspaper is reporting that the couple gave up guardianship of a girl they adopted from Tulare County, Calif., in 2003 and had cut off all communication with her by 2004. The couple then won a negligence lawsuit against Tulare County claiming details about the girl’s background had been withheld from them.

As a result, the judge in the case awarded a $100,000 special needs trust fund for their former adoptive daughter.

When that girl became a woman and learned of the trust fund in 2011, she also learned that the funds had been all-but-exhausted. According to the couple’s arrest affidavit, this was because the Moore’s had taken nearly $66,000 from that trust fund.

Among other things, the affidavit states the Moore’s used the money to pay for furniture, ATVs and trips to Blackhawk and Las Vegas while they were also collecting unemployment benefits. The couple obtained access to the trust fund by filing false documents that claimed the two were still serving as the woman’s parents.

After filing those documents, the Moore’s had $65,674.44 transferred to a Longmont bank account in the woman’s name. The couple then transferred the funds to accounts that they could access after forging the woman’s signature.

The couple is currently free on bond and are scheduled to appear in Boulder County Court on Feb. 21 to hear the charges being filed against them, which are expected to include felony theft.