Colorado dog nearly steals the show at Westminster Dog Show

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A Colorado Springs dog takes a rare title at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Swagger was born in Colorado Springs at Sunrise Kennels. Right off the bat, owner Douglas Johnson knew Swagger was a winner.

“We looked at him and we said, ‘This puppy is picture perfect.'”

Swagger is 20-months-old -- you could call him a teenager playing in the big leagues. He entered the show as what’s called a “class dog,” which is basically an amateur.

“Blue collar dog is what I refer to him as because he was not a finished champion,” Johnson said.

Swagger beat all expectations by first winning best in breed, then winning the herding group. Tuesday night he made it to the big stage – best in show – and he was clearly a crowd favorite.

“When he went ahead and walked in for best in show that place came unglued,” said Johnson.

Swagger strutted his stuff for a cheering crowd but lost the title to an affenpinscher named Banana Joe. But Swagger didn’t come away a loser. For the first time since 1925 the show named a “reserve” best in show, a runner up of sorts. You guessed it -- Swagger.

“He entered into the ring as a class dog, and he came out as a victor,” said Johnson.

This blue collar dog walked away with the blue ribbon.

“He was the dog that upset everybody else’s way of doing things.”

Capturing hearts with every swagger.

You can see Swagger at the Denver Dog Show this Friday at the National Western Complex.