City Council proposes banning throwing cardboard in the trash in Fort Collins

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Fort Collins proposes ban prohibiting throwing away cardboard (Photo: Flickr/patrick h. lauke)

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – People living in Fort Collins may be forced to think twice before throwing their cardboard in the trash.

According to the Coloradoan, the City Council gave the initial approval for an ordinance that would ban residents and businesses from disposing corrugated cardboard through the waste stream.

If the ordinance passes its final reading scheduled in March, the requirement to recycle cardboard instead of throwing it away would be a first in Colorado, according to the paper.

“There is a lot of cardboard out there. It is very recyclable, but it’s ending up in the landfill,” environmental planner Susie Gordon told the paper.

Gordon said 12,000 tons of cardboard is generated each year in Fort Collins, but only 4,200 tons of it is recycled.The goal of the ordinance would be to reduce the amount of cardboard that is ending up in landfills.

Trash haulers would be prohibited from picking up trash bins with contents containing more than 25 percent of cardboard. However, people could still be charged a trash pickup fee, the paper reported.