Army veteran fights to save service dog that bit woman

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MONTROSE, Colo. — An Army veteran in Montrose is fighting to keep his service dog from being euthanized.

The Associated Press reported Jeremy Aguilar’s dog Dutch has been ordered to be put down after the dog bit a woman last November.

Aguilar said the dog bit the woman only after she abused Dutch, a 4-year-old American Allaunt.

Thursday, Aguilar could be ordered to turn over Dutch to authorities.

Aguilar told the AP he will fight attempts to seize his dog. A judge has said Aguilar could be jailed if he interrupts officials.

Aguilar served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before moving to Montrose.

His plea has gone viral on the Internet, partly thanks to a post on

According to the article, the woman who allegedly beat Dutch is his former owner.

The Montrose Daily Press reported police as saying the woman only hit Dutch with a pole in order to break up a dog fight at her home. She then grabbed Dutch and took him inside. That’s when Dutch bit the woman, police said.

The court has ruled that since Dutch bit the woman after the fight, he was no longer provoked by her.

The woman said Dutch’s bites went to the bone and caused a compound fracture on a finger.

Aguilar told the Press, Dutch has been evaluated by several experts all of whom said the animal is not violent.

Aguilar is due in court on February 14. According to, they Aguilars will learn how much money they must pay in restitution to Dutch’s former owner and they will have to surrender Dutch.

The Aguilar’s said they hope to appeal any ruling that Dutch be euthanized.