Teacher gets romantic surprise proposal in her classroom

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DENVER -- Grant Ranch School third grade teacher Megan Post was called to the office Wednesday--not for any problem--but rather to be out of her classroom for a life-changing surprise.

"I didn't know why the principal was calling me to the office," said Post. "But when I got back to my room my parents, friends and cameras were there. I had no idea why."

Wes Lemmers decided to mark a milestone with a unique proposal, so he decided to do it in the classroom where his girlfriend teaches.

"I wanted to do something different and fun," said Wes. "What better place than the class Megan loves so much."

Other teachers, parents and friends were all in on the early Valentine's surprise, and they were actually able to keep Megan in the dark about her beau's plan. Could there be a better way to begin a lifetime trip together?