Former CIA contractor in court over parking spot fight

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Raymond Davis

DENVER — A former CIA contractor involved in a fatal shootout in Pakistan is due in court Monday for a hearing over a fight he got into with another man over a parking spot, prosecutors said.

Raymond Allen Davis faces a charge of felony assault and misdemeanor disorderly conduct after police said he got into a fight with another man outside an Einstein’s Bros. in Highlands Ranch.

The incident began as an argument between Davis and a then 50-year-old Jeff Maes and then turned physical, police said. Davis is accused of causing back and other injuries to Maes in the altercation.

A judge is expected to consider a plea deal during Monday’s hearing.

The Associated Press reported Davis may plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for probation. It also would require him to pay restitution and attend anger management classes.

Davis was a contractor with the CIA and was detained by Pakistani authorities in January 2011 after he shot and killed two men he said tried to rob him.

He was released in March after the U.S. government paid $2 million in compensation to the dead men’s families.

U.S. officials originally said Davis was a diplomat and tried to claim diplomatic immunity but then revealed that he was a CIA contractor.

Davis said he killed the two men in self-defense, though Lahore authorities called the case “clear-cut murder.”

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