Fans look forward to high school basketball player’s amazing dunks

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It’s game day at Aurora Central High School and there’s plenty of excitement for the basketball game because one of the players has become known for his dynamic dunks.

The loyal high school hoop fans have cameras ready waiting for the big moment, since senior Carlton Hurst has become a bit of a You Tube sensation.

“I don’t think about it, I just do it,” Hurst explains.

Head coach Ian Calvert says, “Dunks are fun to watch that’s when I get to stop yelling and watch him fly through the air.”

Carlton doesn’t even think about it, “I just go up and do whatever my body is feeling like doing.”

He’s done it since he was in 7th grade.

Calvert first saw Carlton during his middle school career. “He came in here in 8th grade. He was playing football windmill dunk. I thought, ‘I can probably find a spot for that type of athlete.’”

He’s committed to play college ball at Colorado State University. His sisters, who can be heard at every game, are very proud.

“We’re gonna’ be at all his games with big signs. We are really happy he is staying here and we can see him succeed as he makes it through college,” says Valencia Hill.

But Carlton has some basketball business he wants to take care of first.

“We don’t want to end our season early. Our team includes of a lot of seniors. So we want it to last as long as possible and we’re trying to enjoy this season.”

His fans and family can’t get enough.

“That’s my little bro! I’m very happy. I’m very proud!” says Ashley Hill, one of his sisters.

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