Student seeks to end sexy dancing at school

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High school student Sarah Nelson says grinding is out of control at her school. (PHOTO: KJCT)

GRAND JUNCTION — A Grand Junction High School student is calling for a halt to “grinding,” the sexy style of dancing she says has gotten out of control at school functions.”I’ve heard some of the teachers say it’s soft porn,” Sarah Nelson, a junior, told KJCT TV. “And that’s what it is, it’s soft porn. These are seniors I didn’t know, (when) I was a sophomore; they came up to me and sandwiched me and I felt very violated.”

After a bad experience at her first dance, Nelson hasn’t returned. She said she’s talked to school officials about the problem three separate times but nothing has been resolved.

Principal Jon Bilbo says there have been concerns from other administrators about the grinding at school dances, but he says he can’t do much unless he knows about it while it’s occurring. A couple of girls were asked to leave a recent dance because they were dressed inappropriately, he said.

School officials said there’s nothing in the student handbook saying what’s appropriate dancing and what’s not. But if Nelson has her way, that may soon change. She polled 212 female students and discovered that 82 of them either grind only due to peer pressure or refuse entirely, she said.

“No grinding. Absolutely no grinding,” Nelson said. “It’s not appropriate for a school dance.”