Jefferson County residents urged to sign up for emergency notifications

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has a new tool to make emergency notifications to the more than half a million residents in Jefferson and Broomfield counties.

It’s called Code Red.

This new system is said to employ new technology when it comes to getting emergency messages to citizens… the only catch is people with mobile phones nee to take action to get into the system.

“Residents need to log on to and put in their information—cell phones, land-lines, and e-mails—so that in times of emergencies such as the Lower North Fork Fire, police and fire alerts can make their way into the mountains that make up half of the county,” said Jackie Kelley, of the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office.

The new system works with a software company that designs maps which will help the county get a better handle on folks who live up long dirt roads in the high country, which are often very hard to get to and often have very limited cell phone reception.

“We are excited about the new Code Red system and think it will go a long way toward keeping our citizens safe, “ said Kelley.

The hope is that people will go to the website and plug in their information so they will be able to get tweets, texts, and phone calls in times of emergencies.

Follow this link to register with Code Red.