Woman files $5 million lawsuit against Nestle over trans fat in frozen pizza

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Stouffer's and DiGiorno frozen pizza made by Nestle

A California woman is suing Nestle for $5 million because she claims the company’s frozen pizzas contain an ingredient that is a danger to public health.

Katie Simpson of San Diego brought the class-action lawsuit against Nestle. Her lawsuit claims the company is “placing profits over public health” by not removing trans fat from its pizzas according to an ABC News report.

Nestle’s brands of frozen pizza include DiGiorno, Stouffer’s and California Pizza Kitchen.

California, New York City, Philadelphia and other local governments have banned trans fat in foods served in restaurants.

Health experts say trans fat raises bad cholesterol and lowers the good kind of cholesterol.

There are no bans on trans fat in packaged foods. The Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture only require companies to list all the ingredients on the label.

The report says some lawyers wonder if this suit will be tossed out in court. The company hasn’t broken any rules.

Nestle, a multinational food company based in Switzerland, says it is examining the lawsuit. It quickly said it would vigorously defend itself against any “baseless allegations.” The company also says all of its pizza products are in “strict compliance with both FDA and USDA regulations.”

The California Pizza Kitchen restaurant chain says the lawsuit only pertains to frozen pizzas manufactured and distributed by Nestle, and not to the restaurants.



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