O.J. Simpson owes over $500,000 in unpaid taxes

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O.J. Simpson (Photo: CNN)

O.J. Simpson (Photo: CNN)

O.J. Simpson may be behind bars, but it doesn’t mean he can skate on his taxes. So says the IRS, who just slapped him with yet another tax lien. 

According to a federal lien filed in December, O.J. failed to pay $17,015.99 in taxes for the year 2011. This makes for the third lien filed against him in the last 12 months. 

As TMZ first reported, the IRS filed a lien for $179,435.07 for the years of 2007 to 2010 and the State of California says Simpson still owes $318,566.04 for the year 2000. That brings Simpsons tax debt total to $515,017.10. 

And don’t forget, Simpson still owes millions to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for losing a lawsuit related to their murders.