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Missing model may have been connected with prostitution, drugs

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Kara Nichols went missing Oct. 9 2012. (Photo: El Paso County Sheriff's Office)

Kara Nichols went missing Oct. 9 2012. (Photo: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Drugs and prostitution may have played a role in the disappearance of a teenage model in Colorado Springs, according to the missing girl’s mother. 

According to KRDO, Julia Nichols was reluctant to reveal the unfortunate truth about her 19-year-old daughter Kara’s involvement in criminal activity at first. But considering it has been over four months since the teen was reported missing, she is now more concerned about finding her daughter and less bothered by appearances.

“We’ve been told from the beginning that (the police) suspect foul play both because of her issues with drugs and the link to prostitution,” Nichols told KRDO.

The first public suspicions that Kara may have been involved in prostitution emerged when photos of the teen, who has also done lingerie modeling, were discovered on a Las Vegas-based escort service.

Kara was last seen on Oct. 9, when she told her roommate she was going to Denver for a modeling job.

Another reason for coming forward with this new information, Julia said, was to reveal the treatment Julia said her daughter has received form the national media. She said several larger media outlets have lost interest in telling Kara’s story since her history with drugs and prostitution was discovered.

“Our daughter is blamed for her mistakes and her troubles, and our story isn’t nice enough to be told by the media,” Nichols told KRDO, “It’s like we’re being re-victimized.”

The bottom line, Julia said, is that Kara’s family all feels terrible for not being able to pull the 19-year-old away from the trouble she had apparently found herself in.

“The whole family has been devastated,” Julia told KRDO. “We never dreamed this kind of thing went on in Colorado Springs. But we’ve since learned, it’s here.”