Woman sexually assaulted on Jeffco bike path under C-470

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – Deputies are looking for a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman on a south Jeffco bike path Friday morning.

Authorities said the attack happened when the woman was walking on the bike path at approximately 8 a.m.

The path is located near C-470 and Wadsworth Blvd., which includes a tunnel that goes underneath C-470. When the woman entered the tunnel, authorities said she was attacked and sexually assaulted.

"When you have this type of crime that happens in daylight even though it was in a tunnel, in a heavily traveled area such as this bike path, it's pretty brazen and we need to get our hands on this guy," said Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Mark Techmeyer.

"This guy had his head intent on attacking someone that day, and unfortunately it was her," he said.

The suspect is described as a white male who is 30 to 40 years old, between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9, weighs 175 to 185 pounds and has a lanky and athletic build. The suspect has tan skin and light-brown hair.

The assault has others who walk along the trail feeling uneasy.

"I hate those tunnels. I really would never go through them unless I was with a group.They scare me," said Diane Belleau.

"I'm amazed. I mean we occasionally get some kids tagging down here but that's the worst I've ever seen," said trail-user Joe Berdaus.

Deputies were on bike patrol handing out flyers with a sketch of the suspect on the trail Saturday.

"The deputies are contacting cyclists and walkers and joggers and giving them these flyers and asking them to be on the lookout for this guy," Techmeyer said.

If anyone recognizes the suspect, or has any information regarding the incident, you are asked to call the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office tip line at (303) 271-5612.

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