Denver moms march for gun control

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DENVER -- Supporters of the group One Million Moms for Gun Control marched through Denver today to bring their message to the Colorado State Capitol.

The group, which was formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, rallied for their cause and joined in a peaceful walk around the Capitol Saturday.

Jane Doughtery, a mother and wife, was one of the hundreds of people who participated in the rally. Doughtery is also the sister of Sandy Hook victim Mary Sherlach.

“This is in honor of my sister Mary,” Doughtery said.

Rally supporters like Doughtery say they demand action on what they call common-sense gun control laws.

“I think this is the rallying call that we've all had enough,” Doughtery said.

Just up the road at the Tanner Gun Show, there was heavy foot traffic for a different take on gun control.

"Instead of the majority wanting to ban, I think it scared people into thinking ‘I’m going to get one,’ instead of the other way around,” Kristy Gade said.

Nobody argues that the gun debate is far from over, but for some, the debate is closer to home than others.

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