Video: Baby flung from car, escapes death twice

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MOSCOW, Russia — A terrifying dashcam video shows a toddler narrowly escaping death twice after being thrown from an SUV in Russia on Sunday.

The video, first aired in the U.S. by WGN, shows an SUV skidding into the wrong lane and eventually being t-boned by a semi truck. As the back end of the vehicle is decimated, a 2-year-old flies out of a broken window.

Lying alone on the icy road, one semi narrowly misses smashing her. Moments later, a second semi does the same.

After the second semi whizzes past, the girl’s father runs into the road and collects her. According to WGN, the 2-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital and treated — amazingly — for nothing more than cuts and bruises to her head.