Police blame spike in thefts on hot Apple electronics products

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DENVER -- Owning an Apple product is fantastic. Selling one can be dangerous.

In 2010, a man leaving Cherry Creek Mall lost part of his finger after a thief ripped the bag from his hands.

The bag was from the Apple store and had the man's new iPad inside of it.

"He just kept pulling and pulling," said the victim.

It's a problem that continues three years later.

Sam Huebner had a gun pulled on him when he tried to sell his iPhone on Craigslist.

"He said he was going to get his money," said Huebner. "Then he flashes a gun and told me not to follow him.

Last Summer Denver police attributed a spike in robberies to the theft of Apple products.

"They're a hot item," said a police spokesperson.

Huebner isn't a fan of Apple products, but he's telling his story to warn those who are.