Sheriff wants to clear up some events surrounding killing of Ziggy the dog

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The Adams County Sheriff's Office held a press conference Friday to clear up details about an incident that occurred Monday when a deputy shot and killed a local man's dog.

"They killed my dog for no reason," said Jeff Fisher, who was working at a property just off of Tennyson Street alongside Ziggy, his dog, when deputies responded to a burglary alarm at a nearby building.

"It was an intrusion alarm -- a burglar alarm," said Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr, who says the deputies were actually at the wrong building and not where the alarm was sounding.

As the deputies approached Fisher's building, they tried entering through an unlocked door, when Sheriff Darr says they confronted Fisher and Ziggy, who had begun barking and growling.

At the press conference, Sheriff Darr explained that the deputies then armed themselves because they were unaware if Fisher had broken into the property and set off the alarm.

That's when Ziggy allegedly ran toward one of the deputies, who then kicked him.

"That didn't deter the dog. The dog continued to come and the deputy fired two rounds -- one of the rounds hitting the dog," said Sheriff Darr.

Fisher says that he began yelling "You shot my dog! You shot my dog!" before he says a deputy told him "you can calm down; you can get a new dog."

"We discovered that a deputy admits he made a comment like that," said Sheriff Darr.

We also confirmed today that the man who shot the dog is deputy Wilfred Europe, who was also involved in a similar incident, where he shot a dog, earlier in his career. His lawyer had no further comment after the press conference.

Sheriff Darr confirmed that Europe has been reassigned to a separate division in the department and will not be out in the field during the ongoing investigation.

"We're going to wait until all the facts are in, all the information is in, before we make any decisions," said Sheriff Darr. "That's the right thing to do."

Meanwhile, Jay Swearingen, one of Jeff Fisher's attorneys who attended the press conference, says there were several discrepancies between the evidence he has and the account given by the sheriff.

"There's a lot of things that weren't said," says Swearingen, who is hoping investigators release more physical evidence from the incident in the coming days.

"We want to know a variety of things that could be shown in an autopsy, or a necropsy, as we call it," said Swearingen.

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