Century Aurora theaters reopen to the public 6 months after massacre

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Century Aurora theaters. Jan. 17, 2013

Story by: Hendrik Sybrandy

AURORA, Colo. — The Aurora movie theater where 12 people were shot and killed last July is back open for business.

A day after the Aurora Century Theater’s official reopening, members of the public entered the building for the first time since the shooting on Friday.

Movies are being shown for free at the complex through Monday. The theater reopens for good on January 25th.

“Maybe we’re curious to see what happened, what changed, what’s new,” said Gabriel Ayon of Aurora.

“You can’t believe this happened because I mean this is a beautiful neighborhood, you don’t expect this at all,” said Janet Amayo of Aurora. “I found it really curious. I want to be here, I don’t know.”

Cinemark reopened Centuray Aurora, formerly known as the Century 16 Theater, despite opposition from the families of some victims.

One moviegoer said he showed up in part out of curiosity but also to send a larger message to the person who committed the crimes.

“The thing is you can’t let the killer win because that’s what he wants, he wants attention,” said Stephan Kepler. “And the fact that we’re still going on and saying you can’t destroy our spirit, that’s pretty cool.”

Suspect James Holmes is due to be arraigned in March for the killings.

But one local criminal defense attorney believes that arraignment will be postponed as Holmes’ attorneys explore a possible insanity plea.

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