Thornton man says suspects in Denver chase pulled gun on him early Wednesday

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THORNTON, Colo. -- A confrontation in Thornton Wednesday morning may have started the chain of events that eventually led to a wild police chase in northwest Denver that ended with an officer shot and a suspect dead in Columbus Park.

Sgt. Bob Motyka was recovering from a shoulder injury Wednesday night.

Three suspects were in custody and a fourth was killed by a police officer.

A red pickup truck pulled up to a home in the 2400 block of 101st Way in Thornton Wednesday morning.

A man who lives there says an infant child died of natural causes unexpectedly inside the home early Wednesday. Police and the coroner were called to investigate.

Tamboura Sayers says he's the grandfather of the baby who died.

Not long after that, a red pickup truck pulled up to the house according to the man. The baby's father, his brother and a woman were inside the truck. A red pickup was the suspect vehicle in the chase and shooting Wednesday afternoon.

The grandfather says there was a heated exchange with the baby's father, and at some point, the baby's father pulled a gun. Sayers called police and the red pickup truck left with the people inside.

He spoke with FOX31 Denver Wednesday night about what happened. "As soon as I stepped out on the porch there was some dude in a red truck."

"He gets out of the truck, he's cussing me out and all red," Sayers says. "I'm like, 'What's going on?' He's like, 'Well I'm Johnny's brother.'"

"He got in my face [and said] 'I'm going to take you out, I'm going to take you out.' So then there was some girl in the car with them and she started pulling him back into the truck," Sayers says.

"So then I turn around and I walk to the back of the truck because Johnny's now saying, 'Well it's your fault that I don't get to see my daughter. Now I got one baby that's dead.'"

"So he pulls a gun out and points it at me... I duck down like that. I walked back to the sidewalk right there and I dialed 911."

Shortly after he dialed 911, what's called a "BOLO" went out. It stands for "Be on the Lookout," and it's an alert that goes out from one police agency to others in the area.

Denver police spotted the wanted vehicle and tried to stop it. The driver fled and that's what led to the chase and eventual shooting of the Denver officer.