Jodi Foster acceptance speech still confusing some

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Actress Jodie Foster’s rambling acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award had many exclaiming, ‘Huh?’

“I guess I have a sudden urge to say something that I’ve never really been able to air in public,” she began after the requisite thank-yous. “So, a declaration that I’m a little nervous about but maybe not quite as nervous as my publicist right now, huh Jennifer? But I’m just going to put it out there, right? Loud and proud, right? So I’m going to need your support on this.”

So what was the big announcement after this buildup? “I am single, Yes I am, I am single.”

The speech went on. Foster made what sounded like a plea for privacy for celebrities, thanked a bunch more people before making what certainly sounded like a retirement announcement.

“This feels like the end of one era and the beginning of something else. Scary and exciting and now what? Well, I may never be up on this stage again, on any stage for that matter,” she said.

“Change, you gotta love it. I will continue to tell stories, to move people by being moved, the greatest job in the world. It’s just that from now on, I may be holding a different talking stick.”

But backstage, Foster told reporters she wasn’t quitting.

“I’m more into it than I’ve ever been,” she said.