‘Silent walk’ held in Boulder to honor fallen elk

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Officers kill bull elk in Boulder, Colo. neighborhood

BOULDER, Colo. – The Boulder community will come together for a “silent walk” at noon on Sunday to honor the elk that was shot and killed by a police officer almost two weeks ago.

The Daily Camera reports the walk will take place on the Pearl Street Mall, between 11th and 15th streets.

Those who take part in the walk will be silent, except for playing a recording of an elk bugle from their cell phones, according to the paper.

The “Justice for Mapleton Elk” Facebook page declared that the purpose of the walk is to “continue to raise awareness of the ‘Justice for Mapleton Elk’s cause and to keep the issue in the forefront. We are concerned that the investigation will drag its feet. We will not.” 

The officer who was on duty near Mapleton Avenue and Ninth Street shot the bull elk on New Year’s Day because he thought it had been injured. An off-duty officer helped him carry it away and process the elk for meat.

Both officers Bren Curnow and Sam Carter have been suspended, and are subjects of a criminal investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and an internal Boulder police probe.

Neither officer reported the elk being put down to dispatchers, nor had Colorado Parks and Wildlife been notified.