Bitter cold causes frozen pipes, flooding across Denver

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DENVER — Frozen pipes ruined a lazy Sunday at Renee Reid’s home when she heard a voice downstairs that wasn’t her husband’s.

“My fire alarm was screaming fire! Fire! I ran down stairs and was like what’s going on?” Reid said.

Inside her ceiling, her bathtub’s pipes had burst. The gushing water tore a hole in her roof and set off her fire alarm.

“It scared me. When I came down stairs, there was water just pouring out.”

It’s a problem affecting both homes and businesses in Colorado.

On Sunday morning, a pipe inside a southwest Denver business burst and resulted in a picturesque icy waterfall outside.

Across town at the Denver Boys and Girls club, things weren’t as pretty. A burst pipe tore a hole in the roof, soaking carpet down below.

With temperatures dipping into the single digits, local hardware stores say they are selling more pipe insulation than ever.

“You’re cold and so are your pipes,” said Ace Hardware’s pipe expert, David Gormely. 

“It’s not too late. It’s never too late. If your pipes have not frozen, this is a good wake-up call.”

Although temperatures are supposed to warm up later this week, it’s probably a good idea to start preparing for the next freeze in advance. 

“Any pipe during this time of year is at risk. It’s a good idea to keep warm drip in one or two of your faucets,” Gormely said.