Police chase ends in crash on Colorado Blvd., suspect arrested

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DENVER -- A mother and her young son find themselves caught in the middle of a police chase in Denver.

The officer crashes into her car on Cherry Creek Drive South near Colorado Blvd.—as the suspect gets away—for a while.

Police eventually catch up to him at 6th and Broadway. They find his vehicle in Glendale in the 600 block of S. Cherry St.

The police chase ends abruptly, stopped by a Honda Accord and a light pole.

It had started near Congress Park at 9th and Josephine, when police spotted the white Jeep of a violent fugitive.

“They tried to stop him. He refused. The pursuit ensued. Based on what he was wanted for, they wanted to get him in custody for Arapahoe County,” says Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The suspect, Craig Dickson, 27, is wanted on a sex offense, kidnapping and several other felonies.

“We rarely pursue. This is a case where we felt it was warranted,” says Jackson.

Police try to stop Dickson before he reaches a busy Colorado Boulevard.

But instead the officer gets an innocent driver who was driving home eastbound on Cherry Creek Drive South.

“I was trying to pull over to the right lane and the cop hit me, suddenly,” says the mother, who we are choosing not to identify at her request.

This mother and her 17-month-old son then hit a light pole and have to be cut out of their car.

“I was scared to death. I was yelling. I was worried (about) my son,” she says.

The mom hits her head, but seems okay. As for her son, she’s not so sure yet.

“He seems okay. But we’ll see. I don’t know. Accidents. There’s lots of delays. Symptoms come out later,” she says.

She, her husband, Adam Surber, and son, Walter, are grateful to have finally made it home. Their little one though is a little worn out from the ordeal.

They wonder if this could have all been avoided.

“I don’t know if there are better ways to do it or not,” says Surber.

“It’s tough. They could slow down a little bit. But they have to do they do their job,” says the mom.

Police say they will investigate the chase and resulting crash to see if all procedures were followed.