Niwot cancels classes Friday after hit list with 30 names found

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NIWOT, Colo. – Classes have been canceled at Niwot High School after police said a ‘hit list’ with 30 names on it was discovered Wednesday.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office vehicles crowded around the main entrance to the school Thursday night. A bomb-sniffing dog was inside searching the school late into the night. Deputies also put up crime scene tape in the parking lot outside the school.

Dog handlers also had the animals search every vehicle in the parking lot.

There were two separate threats this week that led to the closure.

A student said a bomb threat was found in the bathroom stall that said the school was going to blow up on the 11th.

Then, a student said a hit list had been found on campus and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office says it has 30 names on it.

The school district and law enforcement officers were not going to take any chances.

Numerous weekend activities have also been canceled including a girls basketball game between Niwot and Longmont High as well as a wrestling tournament on Saturday.

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