Headaches can be caused by teeth grinding

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If you’re waking up with headaches you could be doing something  dangerous in your sleep.  Doctors say many people grind their teeth…and it can lead to some serious health problems.

Dentist George Michaels says teeth grinding, called bruxism, may be caused by stress, misaligned or missing teeth, or sleep problems. 

Many patients aren’t aware of the habit until they start feeling the symptoms, which include mouth pain, jaw soreness and headaches. 

Dr. Michaels told FOX31 Denver, “our teeth are like glass and with grinding that occurs on a daily basis, it can cause severe damage to teeth, creating stress fractures.” 

Teeth grinding can be especially harmful to young children and teenagers because they are still developing. 

Doctors say many patients can use protective mouth guards at night to prevent grinding.  It’s also a good idea to cut down on stress and regularly visit the dentist to spot problems before they can develop into serious health risks.   

For more information on protecting your teeth you can visit www.kidshealth.org and www.ada.org.