Denver doctor: ‘It’s been a flu explosion’

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DENVER -- As hospitals and clinics around the country see a surge in flu patients, many are taking precautions to ensure their patients and staff stays healthy during flu season.

"It's been a flu explosion," said Dr. Lee Morgan, who runs the Guardian Urgent Care Center in downtown Denver.

Dr. Moore says more than a third of all his patients have the flu. As a result, his clinic has beefed up the number of vaccinations and staff at the clinic to keep up with demand.

"It's going to be another epidemic year," Dr. Moore said.

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Statistics from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment show 543 people were hospitalized during last year's flu season, which lasts from October to May.

More than 500 patients have already been hospitalized during the current flu season and the numbers are expected to jump in the coming weeks.

"We've seen an increase in cases to the point where we think we need to put some new measures in place," said Dr. Connie Price, of the Denver Health Center.

The hospital has already taken precautions for the rise in flu patients and will install some new ones in the coming days, including new sanitizing stations throughout the campus and stricter visitation rules.

"We don't want you coming and visiting patients while you're sick," said Dr. Price.