Police search for 64-year-old bank robber who failed to return to jail

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BOULDER, Colo. -- In the middle of serving a two year jail sentence for a Longmont bank robbery, Boulder County deputies are searching for 64-year-old Datha Nation after she failed to return to a county detention center.

"She's going to have some serious issues when she goes back to court," said jail commander Jeffrey Goetz on Tuesday.

Nation, who was participating in a work release program at the time of her escape, failed to return to the jail on Friday, Jan. 4. The Boulder County Sheriffs Office has now issued two warrants for her arrest.

The first time felon, who was supposed to be released in October of this year for good behavior, was convicted in May of last year for robbing a Longmont Wells Fargo bank  in 2011.

Police reported the suspect passed a bank teller a note threatening to infect her with AIDS if she didn't hand over cash.

In an interview with a local newspaper after her arrest, Nation commented the robbery was a last minute idea and happened out of a desperation to pay rent.

Nation later confessed to trying to rob the same Wells Fargo bank branch twice but those efforts proved unsuccessful.

It's not clear, if and when re-arrested, how long Nation's sentence could be extended.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Boulder County Sheriffs Office.