Study confirms high heels make women look sexier

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DENVER — Whether they are stilettos or platforms, many women love wearing their high heeled shoes.  

There’s a wide ranging opinion that heels make women look more attractive and now a study is backing that up.

Researchers at the  University of Portsmouth say high heels make women walk differently.  Balancing on the heels requires the hips to rotate and swing more causing women to  take smaller more frequent steps.  

But wearing high heels too often  can get you walking to the podiatrists office.   

Dr. Lorry Melnick of the Cherry Creek Foot Clinic told FOX31 Denver he treats many women who can no longer wear flat shoes comfortably. 

High heels, “can shorten your Achilles tendon to the point where if you want to wear a running shoe or flat shoe it’s difficult to get your heel to even touch the ground,” Melnick said. 

Melnick suggests wearing high heels on special occasions, but sticking to flats for everyday walking around.  

The signs of injury can include callouses and joint pain. 

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