Bank worker fired for harassing woman now suspect in her death

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Police now say that a man who killed himself in a Greenwood Village apartment is the primary suspect in the murder of a 20-yearold woman.

Robert Lewis, 51, was considered a person of interest in the slaying of Emily Weikert Thursday morning. When police went to talk to him, he shot himself in the head, police said.

“We have lots of evidence point to Robert Lewis being our main suspect – our only suspect,” said police spokeswoman Crystal Dean.

Weikert was shot twice in the back in the parking garage of her apartment apparently as she was headed to work Thursday morning.

Friday investigators spent the day removing evidence from Lewis’ apartment.

Lewis and Weikert were coworkers at CoBank’s headquarters in Greenwood Village. Two weeks ago, Lewis was fired from CoBank because he was harassing Weikert, police said.

Weikert’s boyfriend told FOX31 Denver she was “a really kind person and everyone that knew her is experiencing a great loss right now."