Video: Pilot personally apologizes, says those who delayed flight ‘don’t have a clue’

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DALLAS, Texas (CNN) — Heavy flight delays across the country due to winter storms had tempers flaring Wednesday.

In Dallas, WFAA reported that one American Airlines flight sat delayed at the gate without budging for five hours.

Passengers said the airline told them they could get off the plane, but the airline also cautioned that passengers who did so would risk being left behind, as the plane could be leaving at any minute.

For one pilot, the customer service provided by his airline was reprehensible – so much so that it warranted a personally apology. That’s exactly what he gave his passengers over his plane’s intercom.

“(This delay) is beyond reproach. I have no words to tell you how sorry I am for all this,” the pilot said. “Decisions are being made way above our heads by people that obviously, in my humble opinion, don’t have a clue what they’re doing.”

After hearing their pilot’s words, recorded by a passenger, American Airlines issued a statement saying, “Our hindered ability to de-ice and approach aircraft with ground equipment, jetways, and ramp stairs created serious delays – for aircraft inbound and outbound. Operating safely was our focus.”

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