$300 Christmas display stolen from home

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AURORA, Colo. -- The seven foot tall display that featured three trees with a light and sound show and cost Aurora resident Ernie Gordon $300 is now more of a warning than a spark of holiday cheer.

When he woke up Thursday morning, it was gone from his front yard. Now all he has left is the remote and the box it came in.

"Disappointed, upset that this is what the world has come to it seems like," Gordon said. 

When Gordon called police to report the theft he said they did nothing.

"Well they said they don't investigate those kind of crimes, because, they said, manpower," Gordon said. "But they also said there were 12 calls in the last hour for Christmas items. I asked him if that was a problem and he said yes."

Gordon does not know who took the decoration.

He says he did end up filing a police report online. He is now considering a security camera for the house and he wants to let others know top dollar decor left in the yard can be seen as a treat for thieves.

"It would be nice to get it back," Gordon said also pointing out, "It wont work without the remote."

Aurora Police say it's hard to tell how many holiday items have been stolen because they are simply entered into the system as theft. They added they don't believe the problem this year is any worse than years past.

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